Friday, October 20, 2017

TGIF 10-20-17

Hi All,


Nice that the weekend is looming ahead.  It has been a very busy and very crazy week at work.  No new pictures of Tyg – I haven’t seen a lot of him since we got home!  I’ve been running and out more nights than at home, and he’s been staying out a lot – enjoying the cooler weather.  He was around a little bit last night while we had a fire outside, came in to eat and then ran back out.  Foxes were barking last night, but he came in early this morning to eat and looked well.


So, my Friday Felines picture is one of my cat necklace.  I love this piece.  The cat is a hand-blown piece by Markels who owns/runs Diving Cat Studio in Phoenixville – a very fun shop.



Had a wonderful massage last night and found out that Betty, my massage therapist, will no longer be doing massages at my yoga studio.  Waahhhhh.  BUT, it turns out she works weekends at a spa in Lansdale which is actually closer to my home AND the massages are cheaper!  Score!


Continuing the pattern of not being home much since vacation, tomorrow we are meeting Colin and Mailing and driving into Philadelphia for brunch and then a visit to The Barnes Foundation.  We had been to The Barnes back in the day when it was located in the suburbs and loved it.  I’m curious about the new location, but all reports are wonderful.  I’m sure we’ll have a great time.


Sunday I HAVE to catch up on laundry and cleaning, paying bills, etc. because next Thursday I fly to FL for
Sisters’ Weekend!  Woo-Hoo!!

What's up for your weekend?


  1. Saturday is the Fiber Guild meeting and an opportunity to visit with friends and see their new projects.

    Great news about your massage therapist's new location. Someday, I need to schedule an appointment - my first.

  2. just caught up with your've had a wonderful vaca and off again, soon! What fun lies ahead.
    Our weekend seems to be shaping up to be a good one, weather-wise I think I'll take an extra long walk to celebrate!.
    Enjoy yours!

  3. Cute necklace!

    I've got an out-of-town friend coming for the weekend. We want to do some hiking a few towns over, but Dave's still deciding if he needs the car more than we do... the joys of sharing! If he does, I think we'll hit up a local museum.

  4. This weekend we have to pull the boat...bummer. Lake season is officially OVER. But your busy vacation and post-vacation time is impressive! You never stop!

  5. We are working on the never ending bathroom remodel this weekend until football comes on that is. That's the deal breaker for The Mister.

  6. ENJOY! Sounds like you're having fun. XO

  7. Visiting Bridget!!!!!

    Have a good sister's weekend and when I get up here for good, we need to ALL have a meet up for knitting!

  8. Glad you are having a busy but good schedule! The necklace is very pretty! I'm heading to Daytona with the husband to visit our best friends-JoAnn's and Sam's! lol

  9. Nice necklace! Bet you're excited for your sister's weekend! Today I'm going up to Rhinebeck! I signed up for a class on double knitting with Sockmatician. Don't know if you know who he is, but I'm excited! Yesterday was just knitting and relaxing, my favorite thing to do. :D

  10. Cool necklace. Love hearts. A massage sounds wonderful. Im up to Laundry knitting and AMY BETH Fat squirrel today. Sadly no CUBS

  11. so glad you are following your massage lady! I am super excited about your sister weekend :) :) :)

  12. That is great news about the massages!
    A sisters weekend sounds like so much fun. I only have brothers!