Monday, October 16, 2017

Home Again

Well Hi Everyone!

We are back from vacation!  Had a fabulous time and will tell you all about it another day...right now I am a bit swamped at work and just taking a quick break to post this, have a bottle of water and then I need to get back to it.

First up I finished my pair of Nutkin socks the night before we left!

I love the way they turned out.  And was so happy to NOT take them on the road.  I did manage to do some knitting while away (more than expected/more than usual) which I'll show later.  I think this will be  my only I Love Fall finish though. 

We did have mostly cloudy weather and warm - warmer than expected and definitely not Fall weather.  Some rain, but also some nice days.  We pulled into a rest stop on the PA Turnpike on our way home to get some much needed coffee.  Pulling a camper, we need to park with the big trucks (LOL), and right next to us was a trucker with a traveling cat:

Can you see the cute guy up on the dashboard?  He was pacing back and forth and then would rest and gaze at all the bugs flying around outside. 

We pulled into our driveway Saturday afternoon around 3, unpacked the car and the frig of the camper...I got a load of wash started and around 5 I poured a glass of wine and went out on the patio to sit and rest.  This is what I saw:

Our apple tree is blooming!  Folks, this is nuts!!  Our apple tree bloomed in May and then we watched the apples forming...never getting very large - a poor crop year.  In August the tree started losing leaves.  In September we noticed new green leaves appearing (weird).  And now blooms!  Very, very strange.

Yesterday I did some more laundry, picked up a few groceries and then we headed up to Colin & Mailing's.  Mailing's company owns the 3rd largest Asian Pear orchard in the US and yesterday was the one day it was open to the public for tours.  It was pretty interesting - the orchard tour was good, the inside tour was pretty lame.  But, we got to taste about 8 different varieties of pears and some other things (vanilla pear brownies, pear spread, dried pears, etc.).  All delicious.  They also make some liquors, but with the antiquated PA laws, they could not provide samples of those.  Mailing's parents and sister joined us and we ended up back at Colin & Mailing's place for dinner.

Now it is back to reality!  I'll try to post again this week with info on our trip.  We visited some really interesting places!!


  1. Welcome home; I'm glad you had a great vacation! It sounds like you had a good time even after arriving home. This weather is crazy and poor plants are very confused, but I never thought I'd see an apple tree blooming in October! We're supposed to have frost tonight ...

  2. Glad you are home safely from your trip. I hope you had a wonderful time, can't wait to hear all about it.

  3. There is no place like home.
    Trucker kitty is adorable. How fun must that be for curious cat. Your Nutkins are fabulous. It's cooler here today but the humidity is still in the 90's. I think I am growing mushrooms!

  4. Oh my--that apple tree! I've never heard of such a thing.

  5. Glad you had a wonderful trip, and I love the trucker kitty!

    I think your socks looks really great, and hope you will wear them in good health. :-)

    We shall not discuss the weather.

  6. Beautiful Nukins!
    I always dread the end of a vacation, but it sounds like you had some fun activities at home.

  7. Love your finished socks - the color is gorgeous.

    I'm glad you had a restful vacation. The trucking cat photo is a hoot!

  8. I guess Giroux is not the ONLY travelling cat!

    Congrats on the Nutkin finish. I'll get you added to the finishers tonight.

  9. Welcome home! I hope your re-entry to Real Life goes smoothly (or as smoothly as it can go. . . ).
    (And . . . that apple tree bloom? Yikes!)

  10. Hooray for the finish on the socks. The kitty trucker is adorable! The best part of the trip is knowing you can come back home!

  11. Something similar happened to the magnolias in the neighbourhood last year... we had a cold spell, and then it got warm, and they all started budding up again.

  12. Welcome home! hope your work re-entry goes smoothly ... and I look forward to seeing modeled Nutkins - congrats on the finish!

  13. your apple tree is mighty confused. congrats on being home sweet home and safely too!!