Monday, October 2, 2017

Count Down to Vacation!!

Hello All,

Happy October!  Finally we had some gorgeous Fall weather over the weekend.  Saturday was mostly grey and very, very windy and chilly but Sunday was PERFECT!  Fletch did a lot of work out in the garden.  I picked the last of the tomatoes and a couple of peppers.  We still have peppers growing and four eggplants!

Sunday morning I did manage to pack for vacation!  We leave next Saturday and I didn't want to leave it for evening doing...this week will be busy enough.  And, I don't really need sweatshirts and flannel shirts for work, so a no-brainer to get it done.  Only last minute things to put in, and I still need to figure out what to take knitting-wise.

Meanwhile, there has been progress on Nutkin 2:

The heel has been turned, gusset stitches picked up and the decreasing has begun.  Still rows and rows to go since I have large feet - lol.  Hoping to get these done before we leave.  I don't need them for the trip (hand-knit socks already packed!!), but I don't want to drag a project with me that doesn't have much to finish...just a waste of precious space in my opinion.  So, I will plug away.

But, the week is busy.  Busy at work (always before vacation, plus our new fiscal year started 10/1).  Yoga tonight, dentist appointment Thursday, last minute cleaning (I always clean before leaving for vacation - can't stand to come home to a dirty house).  So, as Fletch says, I'll be a bit manic this week.

On the reading front I finished The Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane (Lisa See) and liked it.  Mostly I enjoyed all the info about tea.  Am now about a third of the way through History of Wolves.  A little draggy in parts, but overall I'm enjoying it.

Hope you all had a great weekend.  I've got a ton to get done today, so I'd best get going.


  1. You are a whirlwind!

    I don't come home to a messy house, either. It's so worth the effort in the long run.

    Summer is back here in NEO for several days--80 or better. Sigh. WE HAD FROST SATURDAY NIGHT. Wish this weather would settle in.

  2. You are indeed busy, but it's going to be worth it with vacation at the end of the manic week. Nutkin is looking good, and I hope you find some great vacation knitting to pack!

  3. i'm on vacation next week too - and it makes the preceding work week so crazy! It will be nice to be off again though!

  4. Yay for vacations. You might know that I have one coming up real I am REALLY looking forward to. LOL

    I'm already packing my knitting projects in my mind. Oh yeah...I'll probably bring some clothes too. ;-)

    I hope you have a wonderful vacation and plenty of knitting time too.

  5. I always turn myself inside-out before a vacation! It makes it all the more sweet when you finally take off. It sounds like you're very organized, which will help you git'r'dun! XO

  6. That sock is looking great!

    Like you, I always clean the house before we leave. It's depressing to come home to a house that's been waiting for you to clean it. Good luck with your plans!

  7. Yay for vacations!!! Nothing is better than packing for a getaway..nothing is worse than putting it all away!

  8. busy is good, the week will go fast then you will be on your way. I love to pack and decide what I'm taking (especially the knitting )

  9. I pack knitting first! I like the house clean when I come home, too. It makes home, sweet, home much sweeter!

  10. Hope you have a great vacation! Packing and getting ready for vacation is always the worst part of vacation to me. lol! Yes, I pack knitting first! Before anything else! Love your Nutkin sock!