Monday, February 6, 2017

Sometimes Yarn Just Happens

Hello Everyone and Welcome Back to Monday!

Blah, I would rather be home knitting.  The weekend seemed to go awfully quickly.  Saturday morning I was up early and out the door to feed the kitties before Fletch was even out of bed.  Not much traffic on a Saturday morning which was nice and the ride isn't bad - about 55 to 60 miles round trip to Colin & Mailing's.  Marcel was sitting in the front window waiting for me and there was no sign of Talbot.  I finally found him upstairs on the cat tree.  Eventually he did come downstairs to eat.

Got home around 10:30, made some coffee to go and Fletch and I headed out to Lancaster.  Our first stop was Lancaster Archery where we picked up a dozen arrows.  (Boy are they expensive!!)  If it ever warms up, we'll be ready to do some shooting.  The store is full of so many different things all related to archery and was packed with people.  Off to one side is a target area and I was sort of mesmerized watching people shoot - particularly a girl who was amazing -- she kept getting bulls-eyes every time she released an arrow.  They also have an Archery Academy next door.  Who knew it was such a huge sport?

After we left there we drove and found a cute little diner for lunch.  I think there must be a diner or bar in every block in Lancaster!  I just had a grilled cheese with jalapenos and a big ol pile of fries which I certainly didn't need but man were they good!

Meanwhile, when we had decided to go to Lancaster on Saturday I had done a quick search on Ravelry for local yarn shops and bingo, Lancaster Yarn Shop was only about 6 miles from the Archery place.  It is in a complex with a bunch of different shops, mostly selling "Amish wares" and furniture.  The yarn shop is really nice.  I didn't take any pictures inside, but I did (of course) buy a skein of sock yarn.  How could I resist?  It is kettle dyed locally and the shade I bought is called Rhubarb.

The picture isn't great - there are various shades of pinks from very, very bright to pale and then some lovely greens and a few browns.  Just like rhubarb!  I think some Spring socks are in my future.

We went back to feed the cats Saturday night and then again Sunday morning (after going out to breakfast first).  Did some grocery shopping on our way home and then, finally, I was home to stay (until this morning).  Although I didn't get as much knitting done as I had hoped, I managed to turn the heel on Mailing's sock.  I'm hoping to work on the foot today at lunch.  I won't get much, if anything, done on it tonight since I'll be going to yoga.

The colors are a bit brighter than are showing up in this shot. 

Here's to a great week for everyone! 


  1. Our son is an archer. He belonged to a club when he lived in Florida. Don't know whether he has found one in Virginia yet. I know when I was helping him pack he was VERY protective of his bow!!! LOL

    The new sock yarn your purchased is beautiful! You'll have to find a good "spring-y" pattern for it.

    Is Maling's sock Blueberry Waffle?

  2. Sounds like a nice weekend! I like to go to Lancaster and poke around, but I'm definitely gonna look for that yarns store the next time we go - that's some mighty pretty yarn!

  3. just look at that sock move right along!!!

  4. Way to score some RHUBARB. I love your sock WIP TOO!

  5. Pretty new yarn! That's a lot of work going back and forth for the kitties. I always just pack a bag and stay with them. I look at it as MY vacation away from The Mister.

  6. Oh that yarn!!! I'm super into pinks at the moment for some reason, dreaming of a dusty pink-ish sweater. But that rhubarb yarn! Yum! Glad you had a nice weekend.

  7. Rhubarb is the perfect name for that yarn. We only have one Yoga class around here and I'm too embarrassed to go!

  8. Now that I know about that lovely yarn shop, I might be more willing to go along the next time my husband and son suggest a trip to Lancaster Archery! My husband was wondering about the cost of some carbon fiber double pointed needles until I pointed out that they were much cheaper than a dozen carbon arrows. Love that rhubarb yarn!

  9. Rhubarb is gorgeous yarn and will be lovely when knit.

  10. Those kittie sare lucky to have you, love the new yarn.