Monday, February 13, 2017

Another Monday Q&A

Hello Everyone,

Hoping your weekend was a good one.  Mine seemed to go way too fast (as usual).  I managed to do a little knitting, had some retail therapy on Saturday, got the laundry done and successfully avoided other domestic chores.

Once again Kathy B has some great questions:

*What is your favorite fiber or blend to knit or crochet with?

                For socks, definitely merino and nylon.  But I love knitting with silk and alpaca also.

*What is your favorite fiber to wear?

                On my feet, my hand knit socks…so merino & nylon.  All other body parts:  cotton, silk or linen.

*Have you seen someone you know personally on television?


*Do you have a locket?  Who is in it?

                Yes…no one…I need to remedy that pronto.

*What is your favorite pizza topping?


*The box of Valentine chocolates is in front of you.  What’s your pick of chocolates?

                Anything dark chocolate

*Is there a state you haven’t visited that you’d like to visit?


*What’s the oldest thing in your wardrobe?

                Oh wow!  I have a buttery soft suede & leather vest that my Mom bought when she was in her twenties (she would be 98 this year if she were still alive).

*When are you most likely to give up on a knit project?

                When I simply can’t get motivated to finish it…or I make too many mistakes.

*Name one thing you love about your husband/friend/or a family member

                I love that after almost 37 years of marriage I am still so happy to be with Fletch and that he still can surprise me.

Here's hoping for a quick work-week.  I'm heading to yoga class tonight and tomorrow we are having lunch and "sweet treats" at work for Valentine's Day.  Whatever you do - enjoy!!


  1. We are so blessed to be with our hubbies!! And you win for oldest clothing! WOW

  2. Happy Valentine's Day! I hope lots of dark chocolate is in your future.

  3. Have a good day-I'm watching grandsons and it sure isn't a slow day by any means!

  4. I love pesto and garden tomatoes on a pizza.
    I've been to Alaska--it's wonderful--but I want to see Hawaii.
    Like you, my locket is empty. I don't even wear it! Not much of a jewelry person.

  5. My locket is empty, too. It's really too small for a photo.

  6. I'd love to go to Alaska! My husband has been several times (for "fish camp"), but I've never been. Would love to go . . . (And I love spinach on almost anything!)

  7. Fun fun fun! I enjoyed reading all your answers!

  8. out of all the answers, your last answer about your beloved is the best :)

  9. We must have been married about the same time. LOL

    (And, I feel the same way about Steve. No one else would be so tolerant of my brand of crazy! LOL)