Friday, February 10, 2017

Snow, Socks and Tyg

Hello All,

This was the scene outside yesterday morning.
It was pretty and cold and very, very windy.  My office was closed for the day - yay!  Colin had come over late Wednesday night to spend the night.  His office never closes - only when the market is closed, and since his office is only 10 minutes or so from our house (instead of 45 from his), he decided to play it safe.  I drove him in at 7:30 (I have 4 wheel drive and he doesn't) and honestly the roads were fine.  And, it all stopped by 10 a.m.

Still, the day off was lovely.  I read (Knitlandia), I knit (proof below) and I napped.  How perfect is that?  And Fletch cleared all the snow.

Mailing's first sock is (Finally) finished and the second one has been started.  This is why I need more days off - lol

I am knitting these using Dee's Take Five pattern which is wonderful - pretty and easy to memorize.  The yarn is, I believe (band lost) some I picked up at Good Karma Farm in Maine while on vacation last summer.

We were surprised at how much Tyg went out yesterday - and stayed out!  I know he does not like hot weather at all, but yesterday was bitter cold with gusty winds.  He finally settled down late in the afternoon for a long, long nap.  And here is my handsome boy from the night before (he had been watching a stink bug on the floor).

Such a sweetie - though it is annoying when he cries and claws the mattress and box springs at 4 a.m. wanting to go out.  He did that this morning...I got up and went downstairs to let him out...he decided to eat instead.  Then he kept going to the door but would turn around when I opened it.  After several times of this I just went back upstairs to bed.  He ended up curling up on the bed and purring very loudly and then fell sound asleep.  So soundly asleep that he jolted when the alarm went off at 5:30!  I had a good laugh over that.

I'm looking forward to an uneventful weekend.  Some domestic chores need to be done, but other than that, nothing on the agenda.  I like it!  Have a good one.


  1. Yesterday's storm amounted to just snowy slush around here.

    Sock #1 looks lovely! And Tyg is quite a handsome boy. I love how his tail is wrapped around him.

  2. You have to love a snow day!
    My Hoover has to go out every morning at 4 am. It is so annoying because most nights I can't get back to sleep. He won't use a kitty box so I can't ignore him. Your boy is very handsome btw.

  3. Tyg is one handsome fella.
    Rupert likes to serenade us at 6 am (I think he's trying to get Peno to chase him). I usually get up, use the bathroom, shut the bedroom door and go back to bed.

  4. Tyg's markings are beautiful.

    Glad that you had a restful day to knit and nap a bit.

  5. First off, hooray on that fiber festival! Hope it's fun! Tyg sounds like Mia -- she used to wake me up super early too, and was always restless at night. It's why I don't let her in to sleep with me anymore. I'm a prisoner in my own bedroom. lol!

  6. Tyg sure is a handsome boy!

  7. Tyg with his tail wrapped around his catlike so cute. Im so happy you like the take 5 too! Im still workin mine on car rides. I miss the cats sleeping with me. Fireman won't allow it...perhaps hes right but shhhh dont tell him

  8. A snow day sounds wonderful, but I don't get paid when I don't work so I would still be making it up later in the week. Your snow is beautiful.

  9. uneventful weekends are my absolute favorite! Frodo my dog loves not too hot and not too cold temps :) I think 50-70 degrees is his favorite.

  10. Tyg is a beautiful cat. You're lucky he will pose for a photograph. My Marlowe leaves every time she knows I'm ready to take a picture. And she really is photogenic.

    Please keep the sn*w over there. We are rid of ours in NEO presently.