Sunday, December 18, 2016

Wacky Weather and Christmas Prep (finally)

Good Sunday Evening All,

Well, here in Eastern PA we seem (once again) to be on a roller coaster ride with our weather.  We woke up Saturday to icy cars and trees coated in a glaze.  The temps stayed right around 32 all day long.  Today, Sunday, we woke up and it was in the 50's!  Now the temp is dropping and tomorrow's high is only forecast to be 33.  It actually felt like Spring earlier today, and now we are back to feeling the bone-chilling cold.

We stayed in all day Saturday.  I didn't want to mess with the roads and I actually got a lot accomplished.  All gifts to be shipped are wrapped and boxes are in my car - I will ship from work tomorrow.  YAY!!

Finally I put out a few Christmas things.  I've pared way back from what we used to do when our son was little.  Back in the day there was "stuff" all over the house.  Now, our tree is in the living room and I have a few choice things on our buffet in the kitchen:
My Mom always had a birch log with candles in it on our dining room table.  I've continued that tradition, but keep it on the buffet.  The log is one we found in the woods in Vermont years ago.  The framed tree on the right is what I call my "jewel tree."  Fletcher's Mom made this for us shortly after we were married and I love it.  Here's a better picture of it:
Sorry for the glare -- difficult to take pictures on a grey day.

Finally, some cookies were baked!!  Last night I made oatmeal raisin and tonight I made chocolate chip -- both at the top of Fletcher's list.  I'll probably make one or two other kinds this week and then call it quits - lol. 

Tomorrow is our Christmas luncheon at work.  Each year my company makes a donation to the Make a Wish Foundation in honor of our clients.  This year we will be having one of the children join us for our celebration.  I'm sure it will be an emotional time.

And then yoga class tomorrow night.  So far I've managed to not stress and just be relaxed about everything and it's a wonderful feeling.  I hope you all are enjoying the season as well.

Back soon!!


  1. The jewel tree is beautiful. What a nice treasure to have.

  2. We've had the same crazy weather and as much as I hate the really cold cold, today's warm seemed really weird.
    Your birch log with candles brought back memories of the one just like it that my grandmother had. I had forgotten all about it.

  3. We've had the same crazy weather, hate it. Looks like you got a lot done during the storm though. Love seeing your special displays.

  4. I used to have an Advent Log and candles on the table, but it has been replaced.

    Nothing lightens the heart and creates tears more than involving a child in a donation celebration. Make a Wish is an excellent program.

    I haven't been out of the house since Friday because it's been so cold. Today I've got errands to do.

  5. We had snow and ice in Ohio, this morning when we left it was 18 degrees. Then we arrived in Florida and it got up to 85, it is disgusting hot and humid. I'd rather have cold it feels more like Christmas.

  6. Oh that jeweled tree is so lovely! And that fact that it has a specialness to it makes it even better.

    I'm glad you are having a chance to really enjoy things. I hope the luncheon is especially nice.