Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Work Thanksgiving Lunch

Our Thanksgiving lunch at work yesterday was awesome as always.  I was not able to get pictures of the food – sorry!  But I will tell you, there was a ton of it:  cheese platters, olive platters, fresh breads, turkey, ham, short ribs (amazing), lasagna, lots of roasted root veggies, fresh green beans, stuffing, cranberry sauce, etc.  I did stay away from the dessert tables, but I heard there was pumpkin cheesecake, pecan pie, apple pie.  So. Much. Food.

Everyone got a gift card and a HUGE caramel apple – mine is a milk chocolate toffee walnut caramel apple.  What?  I read the back of the box.  One apple = 1,200 calories!  And, I won (we always raffle them off) one of the centerpieces.  Gorgeous.

We were also told that the office is closing at 1 this Friday (just because) and at 1 next Wednesday.  I don’t think I’ll work Wednesday anyway, but it’s so nice that they do these perks for us.  A number of people stood up and mentioned things they were thankful for which was really nice too.
My company makes a donation to the Make a Wish Foundation every year at the holidays…we do this instead of giving gifts to clients.  The plan this year is to have one of the kids join us for our Christmas celebration (which I think will be 12/13).
I've said it before - I really am lucky to work where I do.  Upper management - everyone - is truly amazing and inspiring.


  1. It's important to be happy where you work, and from your posts, I can tell that your company values their employees and creates an atmosphere of appreciation. Kudos

    Wow, that apple has a serious calorie count! Enjoy

  2. Wow! You are very lucky to work for such a great company.

    The luncheon sounds amazing ....and oh my gosh THAT APPLE! That will surely be a treat!

  3. What a great job you have! When we had good principals it was a joy to go to work. When we didn't, life was miserable. A good boss makes all the difference.

  4. You are very lucky my friend. I am working all next week, well minus Thursday and my typical Friday off. I get a $50 gift card to a restaurant every Christmas, no matter how long I have been there, it is now 10 years I think. It is a tad frustrating to me. I would rather have a card to Target or Toys R Us as I work with kids.

    Oh well, I need to be thankful now don't I?

  5. That sounds like a great place to work. Teachers don't usually get many perks, but my new school is awesome. For parent-teacher conference nights, the PTO caters dinner for us. Much appreciated!

  6. it's so nice to hear positive remarks about a often, it's just the complaining that gets heard! sounds like you really work for a great organization.

  7. Feeling valued at work makes a big, big difference. I taught at the same school for 30 years, and we didn't get anything like that, ever. Oh, we got a free cooky on Teacher Appreciation Day. From the cafeteria. A. Cooky.

    Luckily, I worked with some truly great people and students who made it a non-factor much of the time.

  8. Vera, I'm finally getting over to your blog! It sounds like you work for a good company. And a gift to the Make A Wish Foundation shows that they are good people, as well. xoxo

  9. What a nice treat to close early. I am off next week - elementary students have conferences but not our littles so I get some time at home to clean the house.