Sunday, November 13, 2016


Well Hello,
This past week has seemed so disjointed in so many ways.  Strange.  Fletch left town on Wednesday to go to VA and see family and help his brother move some things out to the "country."  I tend to not sleep as well when he is away and I often don't eat as well either.  Not a good combination.
Saturday I was supposed to meet up with a friend for either lunch or dinner.  We never connected...instead I spent the ENTIRE day inside.  Cleaning, doing laundry, etc.  What fun.  Actually it was the perfect time to get stuff done while Fletch is away.  No need to stop and cook dinner, etc.  Plus it was cold here on Saturday.  I don't think it ever got out of the mid 40's.
Today, though, was gorgeous.  Bright sun, slightly warmer temps.  A great day to go out.  I headed out and stopped at the pet store to get Frontline (Tyg came in the other night with FIVE ticks on him!  Thank God my son was here to help with removal!!) and some expensive treats (after all, he had suffered from ticks and needed some treats).  Went on to the ATM at my bank to make a deposit, stopped at another store and then went grocery shopping.  Everything is bagged and I go to pay and I do not have my debit card.  Yikes!!  I never removed it from the ATM machine.  Thus the Ditsy title.  At least I know where it is and I believe (hope?) I can call my bank and go retrieve it tomorrow.  Just a PITA in the middle of the work day.
The weekend was not a total loss though.  I finished a book Friday evening:  "The Night Circus" which I like much more than I thought I would and recommend it highly.  I also finished a sock (finally!) and started the mate:
I need to quickly wrap up this second sock and start on some Christmas knitting!  Time is flying by.
I also cooked a good meal Saturday (instead of junk):  sautéed broccoli with onion and garlic...added some shrimp...then the last of the summer tomatoes...then fresh spinach and basil.  Cooked up some penne pasta and tossed it all together.  Yum!  And there is still a hefty amount in the container for lunch tomorrow and another that is good for 2 more meals.  Tonight I cooked up a big pot of chili and have one container in the frig for when Fletch comes home Tuesday and another in the freezer.  I had my favorite avocado toast for dinner with sun dried tomatoes and bacon. Oh my!
Meanwhile...time to finish that glass of wine in the picture above and then I think I will crawl into bed early with my book. 
Here's to a good, happy, peaceful week for all.


  1. The guy ahead of us at the bank did that very same thing on Friday. Thankfully, we caught up with him before he drove off. He was VERY appreciative.

    I love the color of your sock. It's so spring-like and feminine.

    Hope you have a great week.

  2. Mmmm....crawling into bed with a good book sounds delicious!

  3. The pasta dish and the avocado toast sound wonderful (although, for me, hold the bacon). I love simple dinners like that.

  4. Losing or misplacing a credit/debit card is my greatest fear.

    The sock is beautiful - love those colors.

  5. You ave been very busy my friend. I have left my card in the bank ATM twice now. Yikes!