Monday, November 14, 2016

Recovery, Frustration and Monday Questions

Hello Again,

I'm happy to report that the bank DID have my debit card.  For those of you who don't know, if you don't remove your card from the ATM machine (at least at my bank) within "X" amount of time, the machine takes it back in and keeps it.  A nice safety feature n'est-ce-pas?

The nice part was that I left work early to go to the bank and was home shortly after 2 p.m.  Hoping to settle into an afternoon of knitting.  But first the mail which contained a bank statement.  Trying to balance it and noticed a debit charge from a mail order place that we have not used in years.  This same place charged us 9-12 months ago and I had to file a dispute.  Now they have done it again.  So, I have to go back to the bank tomorrow because with our bank you need to sign a dispute form prior to them beginning the investigation.  That was frustration #`1.  Frustration #2 came when I called the bank and couldn't understand the person speaking to me.  Really, I did try, but I kept having to ask the gentleman to repeat himself.  Maybe I need a hearing aid?  Maybe I need language lessons?  I don't know, I'm just annoyed.  /Sorry

So here it is 3:30 and I'm not knitting, but I am having an early glass of wine - LOL.

Onward to Kathy B's Monday questions (always fun):

1.  Have you ever petted an angora bunny?  No, but I would love to.
2.  Do you have novelty yarn in your stash?  Probably somewhere at the very bottom of the chest I keep "most" of my yarn in - I would need to dig through and that's not going to happen today!
3.  Is there something you can't give up on your food life?  Yes:  butter, bread, pasta, wine, etc.  Easier to give up sweets than that stuff.
4.  Do you swim during the winter months?  No...and not even in the summer.  I miss it a lot.  I wish I could find a pool nearby that isn't crowded...I would join in a heartbeat.
5.  What are you having for dinner tonight?  I think some pork dumplings that I picked up yesterday...filled with veggies too.
6.  Are you putting up Christmas décor yet?  No...I just put out some pilgrim candles (from the 50's) on our buffet.  I need to get through Thanksgiving first.
7.  Are you a Black Friday/Cyber Monday shopper?  Mostly no.  I haven't gone to the King of Prussia mall (closest to us) in years and have no desire to now.  I used to enjoy going out on Black Friday with my son when he was young.  We would go to little boutique stores and un-crowded places.  Now everything is mobbed.  Then a couple of years ago I had surgery just after Thanksgiving and couldn't really go out.  I did everything on line and it was so easy.  And fast.  And easy!!  But Cyber Monday web sites are often jammed or slower due to traffic.  I will wait and order later.  Amazon is my friend.
8.  Did you cast on this weekend.  No...trying to finish up a pair of socks.  I'm not really good at multiple projects.  I need to finish these so that I can get on with Christmas knitting.
9.  Did you see the Super Moon yet?  I missed it last night and was hoping to catch it tonight, but it is already overcast (rain forecast for all day tomorrow).
10.  Would you like to recommend a movie?  Sure:  Jiro Dreams of Sushi (documentary rather than a movie - on Netflix I believe).  Favorite movies:  Out of Africa and Babette's Feast.  Also The Illusionist.

Tomorrow is our Thanksgiving lunch at work.  It will be catered by the same group that did our Halloween luncheon.  If I  can get some pictures, I'll post them.  It is always a beautiful and tasty affair and our CEO does a wonderful job talking about gratitude, etc.  It is also the day that we get our Angel Tags in - this is the Salvation Army program for bringing in toys/clothing/etc. for children who otherwise might not have a Christmas.

Hope everyone's week is going well.  I still am feeling disjointed/out of sorts.


  1. HI Vera~! Sorry you have had banking issues. WE have an awesome bank back home that we are still using up in Wisconsin. They are small and so customer friendly. I have the soundtrack to Out of Africa! I will add Jiro to my list thanks!!!!

  2. Nothing worse that not being able to communicate with customer service. I've asked several with thick accents to repeat and repeat - frustrating.

    I love my bank, but it can be too corporate at times. Aargh.

  3. What a pain with the whole banking thing! The card, then the dispute. Ugh! Sorry you're feeling disjointed too. Hope you are feeling better soon.

  4. I did that with my card once. It's easy to do.
    My grandmother had pilgrim candles back in the day and I loved them. I was just thinking of them. I have the Christmas version of them that I found online. They bring back such memories.

  5. I'm glad you were able to get your bank card back. It's scary not knowing .....

    Have fun at your Thanksgiving luncheon.