Monday, November 21, 2016

The Weekend

The weekend started early with Friday afternoon off work.  And then I slept 10 hours Friday night!  This seems to be my new Friday night habit (2 weeks in a row).

Saturday donned sunny and warm.  It was around 70 degrees and I went to a local park to walk.  Plenty of folks out in shorts and tank tops jogging, walking, bike riding, roller blading (I had not seen anyone roller blading in years!!).  It sure felt good to be out in the fresh air.

Fletch was busy in the garden securing the cold frames we have that go over two of our raised bed boxes.  Here’s a shot of both.


And here’s a shot of the smaller one from the back that shows how we can get into it and harvest kale, spinach, etc.  We typically don’t harvest anything in January and February, but it sure is nice to have fresh greens in December!


I also took some pictures of the burning bushes we have on our property.  This is a small one by our shed.  Can you see the dragonfly knocker on the shed door?  And the buoy bell hanging from the upper left – love the sound of that in the wind.


This one is by our mailbox.  The tree behind it was out Christmas tree 28 years ago!


Just about the time Fletch fired up the grill to cook some burgers the wind started picking up.  I think the temperature dropped about 30 degrees in just over an hour.  Next thing we knew we could hear sleet hitting the windows and the wind was howling.  The storm windows rattled ALL night.  And I could hear the buoy bell as well!

Woke up Sunday to a bit of snow on our picnic table and the garden beds.  The ground was really too warm for much of anything to stick.  It’s Monday morning now and the wind is STILL howling.  Hard to believe it was70 degrees 2 days ago.

On the knitting front I did finish the 2nd sock (Yay!) and I cast on a little skirt for Emory in NC.  I promise some pictures once I get more than 10 rows done!  The Christmas knitting has begun!


  1. It did get COLD fast didn't it? And this wind. Ugh...I'm waiting for a tree to come through the house. I love those cold frames. I wish I had the time and energy to put in some cold crops. I love fresh kale and I can usually keep it going all winter.

  2. I needed to wait for the weather to cool off a bit to get into the christmas knitting, too! (luckily, I don't have a huge list this year!!! least not yet!)

  3. It was a gorgeous Autumn with lots of time to get outside and enjoy the sunshine. Seasons changed quickly on Wednesday night and Thursday, as the wind blew a storm into and out of the state. I can deal with all kinds of weather, but the wind always unnerves me.

  4. Your burning bushes are beautiful. I had to enlarge the photo, but I DID get to see the dragonfly! How cute is THAT!!!!

    Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving. I'm thankful for ALL of my blogging friends and I hesitate to say "blogging" friends as I feel you are all just FRIENDS!

  5. Your burning bushes are so beautiful. Crazy weather!