Monday, August 9, 2021


 Hey There!  Good Morning!

Later than normal for me to be posting, but I've been having issues this a.m.  First, we received notice last week that we were out of data on our phones!  Not sure how that happened as it never has previously (except when we are on vacation and not using our own internet connection).  Something to figure out.  Then I could compose emails, but if I added a picture they would not go through.  Finally, I spent too much time trying to figure out why some blogs ( won't show pictures when I go to them.  Mine does if I visit my own blog, but Bonny, Dee, Araignee, etc. - none of their pictures are showing on my computer.  They do show on my phone.  Frustrating and weird.

Anyway, enough already!  The eyes are doing better.  The 2nd surgery was a bit more difficult.  My eye bruised...a every time she (the doctor) touched it, I bruised.  It is still fairly red and still a bit swollen.  The real problem this time is glasses.  When the first eye was done, I could still see out of my glasses with the other eye.  Now that both eyes have had the cataracts removed and implants done, my glasses are useless!  I can see distance-wise without glasses and have found that readers work ok (not great, but ok) for reading, knitting and stitching.  But, my eyes frequently get tired...guessing eye strain from not having the correct prescription...yet.  By early September this right eye should be healed enough that she can write an accurate prescription for me.  Hopefully!!

The weird thing with the second surgery is that I was more conscious for it.  The doctor and the nurses told me that would most likely be the case, even though the drugs were exactly what I had been given previously.  I could hear everything the doctor was saying (and remembered it) whereas with the first I have no recollection of the surgery at all!  So strange...

The weekend was quiet.  We went over to Colin & Mailing's Saturday morning (I actually drove over!!) and we all went to the Farmer's Market.  Fletch and I picked up some corn, eggplants, beets, and mushrooms.  Colin & Mailing just bought two loaves of fresh bread:  a seeded rye and a whole wheat sour dough.  They had made bruschetta from farm produce that morning, so when we got back to their house, they toasted some of the bread with EVOO and we had that with the bruschetta and a crisp white wine.  A very refreshing and tasty lunch.

Have you ever had ground cherries?  I had them for the first time last year and when Colin came over last week he brought us a quart of them from the CSA they belong to.  They are tiny, but very tasty with a satisfying pop when you bite into one.

The quart basket was full when Colin brought it over...I've been munching on them (I don't think Fletch eats them).

The husks just sort of slide off, so a little work, but worth it.  Kind of like mini tomatillos, but a different flavor.

Tomorrow I head to the office.  I have a meeting at 9 with Mike who is taking over the East Coast from Bill.  That was no surprise and I've worked with Mike for years, so no biggie.  The West Coast replacement has been selected and is a huge surprise - not whom we thought would get the job.  A bunch of noses are going to be (or are) out of shape.  I believe the choice is purely political and I will be curious to see how it pans out (and I have to support this person as well).  Oy vey!  After I meet with Mike I will head home to rest my eyes a bit.  Bill's retirement dinner is tomorrow night, so I'll need to go to that (one of my least favorite restaurants - Sullivan's Steak House - noisy, overpriced and mediocre food - my opinion).

The day today is ramping up a bit, so I will be busy.  Fortunately my 10:00 conference call has been cancelled.  Hope everyone has a great start to the week!


  1. Technology has really gone wonky for you! I'm sorry I don't have any helpful suggestions. Your second surgery experience does sound pretty strange, but thankfully you're all done. I hope you can get some glasses soon that allow you to see. I may need to look for ground cherries. They look interesting and I've never tasted them. Hope your dinner tomorrow isn't too mediocre!

  2. What a strange surgery experience! I'm sorry you have so much bruising and soreness and that you have to wait so long for glasses.

    Ground cherries were a big deal in my mother's family, and are one of her favourite pie fruits. I don't care for them at all myself. My grandmother always had a freezer full of ground cherries, elderberries, and rhubarb.

  3. Weird about the phone and computer. Hope you can figure it out.

    Hope the dinner goes well.

  4. My old glasses were worthless, too, but my sister can still see with hers after cataract surgery. Hope the swelling and bruising in your eye calms down soon. Sometimes, blog photos can’t be seen through my blog reader, but can be seen if I open then in the browser - odd but I manage by switching back and forth.

  5. Hello,
    I hope your eye is feeling better. I think I would prefer NOT being awake for an eye surgery. The bruschetta sounds yummy. Have a great week!

  6. I was thinking that those looked like mni tomatillos! Good luck with the recovery.

  7. Oh, wow....that surgery sounds frightful. I am so glad you are on the other side of it.
    We had that happen with our phones once too and I added lots of extra data to them and we never use it. I keep forgetting to reduce it because we are pretty much paying for nothing.

  8. So nice that you spend so much time with Co1in and his wife. Sounds as though your eyes are adjusting. I wonder why you were more aware during the second surgery. Ive never heard that!

  9. You are quite a trooper to be working with all this eye surgery. I am terrified of eye surgery, so I am impressed by the way you are so matter-of-fact about it.

  10. I hope each day brings clearer vision... I can only imagine how frustrating that must be! (I wish I could help with the PC issues... but have you tried clearing your cache? Also sometimes just a good old fashioned reboot works of both phone and pc.)

  11. The phone data issue is strange, especially if you have mainly been at home and work (generally places you usually go). I wonder if your wifi got turned off accidentally on your phones and you were on network data without realizing? We have run out of data periodically, but it's mainly been when we've either been away somewhere we aren't on wifi or when my husband travels for work.

    I hope the eyes are getting better every day. I'm sure it's frustrating that your glasses aren't working as they used to, but surely that's a good thing because it means that your eyes are improving?

    I have never had ground cherries but have a friend who grows them and have always been curious about them. Do they have a pit? They look kind of like a cherry tomato (cherry tomatillo?).

  12. I can't stand having technical difficulties! Sorry. Hope your eye heals well soon--it's hard not to see great for now! Take care.

  13. I hope your eye heals and that September with a new script for glasses arrives before you know it. I do remember that in limbo feeling until I got the glasses straightened out. I have never eaten or seen a ground cherry.