Friday, August 27, 2021

Friday News

 Hi There,

Really no news...but I couldn't think of another title.  I miss doing Friday Feline posts...and I know I need to change the picture in my header and I some point...just not today.

Today is my 3 conference call morning from hell.  I've a call at 8:30, another at 10 and another at 11.  It's torture I'm telling you.  And the 11:00 one drags on and on and on.

In the meantime (and before my 8:30 call) I wanted to show you that I actually have a finish!  Yup - Damon's "Out of this World" (my name) socks are complete.  

These were knit using #2 needles.  The yarn is from KnitPicks - their Static line and the colorway is "Neptune" (thus the name I gave the socks).  The pattern is a simple K6, P2 across after 15 rows of ribbing for the cuff.  The foot is just plain knitting.  Today (I guess this afternoon) I plan/hope to cast on for Peggy's socks (Peggy is Damon's wife).

Thursday's Mailing goes to her office and then out in the evening with work friends for Trivia at a local bar.  Colin has gotten back in the habit of coming over on Thursdays for dinner and he usually hangs around for a bit.  He'll have a cigar and sometimes we have a fire (not last night - way too muggy out).  The chicken thighs were a success as was the buffalo cauliflower.  I made some couscous to go with it all.  Colin brought over some of his garden bounty.

A bunch of hot peppers and some tomatillos!  The green bell peppers on othe left are from our garden -they are finally coming in!  I plan to make a vegetarian stuffed pepper dish and maybe I'll whip up a sauce using the peppers and tomatillos from Colin.  That may be a Sunday plan.  Tonight we will just have leftovers (there are so many in the frig).

Tomorrow I plan to get together with Dee (note:  she has a new blog address) for coffee, chatter and knitting in the morning.  And tomorrow night we are going to dinner at Mailing's parents.  Dumplings!!  I will make a dessert to take - most likely the peach/blueberry cake that I made a couple of weeks back.

It's already in the upper 70's this morning and it feels like it will be another hot and muggy one.  I think I'll brew up some tea now so that it can cool for iced tea later today.  Wishing you all a happy weekend!


  1. I am hoping you have some knitting to do for the Conference Call Hell.

    I made stuffed cubanelle peppers this week from the garden, they were so good!

  2. I find naming blog posts tiring so I only do it once a week! Love the socks and look at your harvest! Success - we have nothing because we moved however, my sister shares her abundant garden.

  3. Other than the conference calls, it sounds like you had a pretty good week.

    The socks for Damon turned out great.

  4. I also think that knitting during the endless morning of conference calls might be a good idea. Your socks look great, and you could get a lot done on socks during three conference calls. There's no need to change you header before you're ready; I always remember Tyg fondly when I see him. Have a good weekend (it all sound delicious)!

  5. The socks are beautiful--nice job on the blues! I know what you mean about changing the blog's hard to let go of those reminders.
    The garden goods look great!

  6. Great socks!
    Leave Tyg there for as long as you need. We all still love seeing him there too.

  7. Damon will love his socks! Hopefully, today’s calls will be productive and brief. Enjoy your visit with Dee.

  8. Hello Vera,
    Your finished socks are beautiful. Your son's garden bounty looks good too, a homemade sauce sounds delicious. Have a happy weekend!

  9. It is so hard to clear up all the loose ends when we lose a furry friend. I am still finding things around the house that make my heart sting from my birdie buddy and Hoover. Staying busy helps. That's why I tore up the kitchen...look where that got me almost two years Who knew?

  10. Nice that you get your son to your se1ves a bit. It fee1s so strange when we are apart from our fur friends. I'm sorry again.
    Thanks for Dees info

  11. By now the conference calls are done -- I hope they weren't too painful! The calls I have to sit through now for work used to be in person and are now on Zoom, and I'm thankful that I can knit through them because they're rarely relevant to my work and are so boring to sit through.

    Enjoy your dumplings tonight!

  12. I like seeing Tyg The Adventure Cat when I check in here.

    Great finish on the socks. That was quick, especially considering your eye surgeries.

  13. Nice looking bounty. Our garden was non productive and as skimpy as could be. So glad I saw those figs. I had planned to buy several online in early spring but once things started with Carole, nothing has been accomplished. I should be able to order for fall planting. The "old timers" in the old part of town grew them along with pears, chestnuts, and huge gardens in their tiny yards. But they're all gone and so are their trees.

    I think Tyg should stay for a while.

  14. The socks look great. I got together with two good friends on the patio of a local coffee shop today. Two of us knit and we sure had a good time catching up. I'm glad you had some time with Dee.