Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Tiny Needle Tuesday August 3, 2021

 Hello My Lovlies!

It is another coolish morning (54), and I think today is supposed to be another pleasant one temperature-wise.  After this, it may begin to get warm again.  Oh well, it is August after all.

I managed to get out of the office by 10:30 yesterday morning.  Hoping for the same again today.  there will be more folks in today with the panel interviews and I think Bobby has a meeting of some kind going on.

Not much stitching was accomplished in the last week.  I found it difficult to do - my eyes were tired and things (that would be fabric and floss) kept blurring.  But...I did manage to get the pink into that upper left flower and I really like the combination of the two colors (whiskey and sanquine - though the pink is hardly a sanguine color...) together.  What do you think?  (Click to enlarge)

My plan is to do the mirror image flower the same way.  I also managed to stitch the stem and leaves for the center (large) flower.

The Coverlet Birds piece had nothing done to it all week!  Shameful, I know.  The plan is to do a little stitching this afternoon/evening if I can because after my cataract surgery tomorrow I probably won't be able to stitch for a few days (at least).

I should find out today what time I need to be at the surgery center tomorrow.  So, at this point, I'm not sure whether I will post for Unraveled Wednesday or not.  If I do I'm sure I'll be groggy as no coffee is allowed, etc.  LOL


  1. I love the pink addition to that flower! I thought of you yesterday as I worked away on a snowman! :)

    You will be in my thoughts in the morning and I will be sending all the good juju for your surgery!

  2. I think the pink addition looks just wonderful! I hope you rest, heal, and recover quickly from tomorrow's surgery, and get a new glasses prescription so you can see, stitch, and knit (but not before Fletch waits on you for a couple days)!

  3. The pink looks very nice. Maybe the other flower could be the reverse--mostly pink and just the little bit brown.

    Just a thought.

    I'll be thinking of you, sending my best during your surgery. I know it will all be fine. Pretty soon you'll have close to Xray vision!

  4. That color combo is beautiful on the flower. So soft.

    Hang in there. Better vision is coming.

  5. The flowers are lovely! I don't know how you got anything done at all with your eye issue. I have to use so much magnifying equipment these days that it is taking the fun out of it.
    Good luck tomorrow! I'll be thinking about you.

  6. The flowers are beautiful and so tiny! I hope your eyes are back to perfect soon!

  7. Cooler here this morning and cloudy - thunderstorms and 71° predicted - my kind of day! I like the color combo on the flower. I’ll be thinking of you tomorrow. Take care

  8. I love the two-tone flower -- it looks even more realistic that way! I guess it was a happy accident that you made work well for you.

    Hope all goes well tomorrow!

  9. Oh, I do like the way the pink just makes the flower glow-nice decision!
    I hope tomorrow goes well--take care!

  10. I definitley like those colours together!

  11. beautiful stitching and hope all goes well today !