Thursday, October 10, 2019

Back in the Saddle

Well Hello Everyone!

I have missed you all.  We had a wonderful vacation and I will attempt to be brief in my recap for you.  I was reading some blogs while out and about, but wifi was not always accessible...or it kept cutting out.

Anyhoo, we survived and Tyg survived with Colin watching him (and the frogs).  One night Colin texted that he had saved a frog that Tyg had carried from our little water feature out onto the lawn!  Luckily the frog survived that trip.  Tyg was extremely affectionate when we got home - very unlike him - lol.  We got home on Monday and that night he slept right up against me all night, purring loudly. 

So, the trip.  We were camping in our (tiny) camper and headed North.  We started out in Woodstock, NY where we had been a couple of years before.  A very pretty area with many great yarn shops...none of which I visited this time😝- we only stayed one night in Woodstock and then headed to southern New Hampshire.  We saw some color - mostly while driving.  But here was a bright spot at one of the campgrounds.

It was a bit overcast that day.  After one night in NH, we headed North to Maine where we stayed in the Bucksport area.  This is where we had lunch:

I love that HUGE inflated lobster.  Again, it was an overcast day and a bit chilly.  We both had some chowder and Fletch had fried oysters as well.  And this place was just about next door to the restaurant - I couldn't resist getting a picture.

We were two nights in Bucksport and on our *free* day - meaning we were not on the road with the camper - we went into Bangor where we stopped at a shop that sold yarn.  It was really more of a gift shop - just a little yarn, lots of gorgeous pottery and jewelry.  I did buy one skein of sock (of course) yarn.  All the yarn was local and this colorway is *Tapped Maple* - love the Autumn colors in it.

After that we headed back down to New Hampshire - this time to the Lake Region by the White Mountains.  We drove by Squam Lake (where lots of lovely knitting retreats go on) - the entire area is just gorgeous.  I've spent so much time in Vermont, but very little in New Hampshire and it was just lovely.  We were two nights again in that area and I found a yarn shop, but instead of shopping we met up with a former client of Fletcher's.  Lois met us for lunch in Plymouth, NH and it was just so nice to catch up with her.  I forgot to get any pictures though.

After lunch we headed to Castle in the Clouds.  Unfortunately it was pretty chilly/windy when we got there late in the day.  We did not have time for a tour and it was really too cold to enjoy a walk on the property.  We did go out on the patio area briefly:

There were a few folks sitting out there having drinks.  If it had been a bit sunnier and a tad bit warmer, I would have enjoyed that.

We made it back to our campsite and Fletch got some charcoal going for a steak dinner.

You can see he is a bit bundled up!  We ate inside the camper.

I cooked up some Brussels sprouts and potatoes (from our garden!).  Delicious!!

The next day we headed down to Niantic, CT and visited the Connecticut River Museum which is in the quaint town of Essex, CT.  It is a very small museum, but had some fun exhibits.  Then we were on our way back to Woodstock for our last night out.

The entire week I only did a very little knitting.  I did manage to finish my Cascading Leaves socks and I just love them so much.

I started another pair of socks our last night out, but the yarn is some I've tried to knit with previously and I guess it is just not interested in being socks...or being knit by moi.  It is giving me all kinds of fits - lol.

As I said, we arrived back home on Monday.  Tuesday was spent doing laundry, paying bills and the like.  Yesterday it was back to work.  CRAZY times at my office.  So busy!  End of one fiscal year, beginning of another and suddenly all kinds of reports are due NOW.  Oh well, I do prefer to be busy.  It doesn't help that I'm scheduled to be off the 24th and 25th for my annual Sisters' Weekend (this year in Providence, RI again).  It will be pretty much nose to the grindstone for me from now through the end of the month.

It was such a nice vacation, but as always, it is also so nice to be home.  Hoping everyone is doing well.  I'll get back to commenting on your blogs in a bit.


  1. Sounds like a wonderful trip! Your socks look perfect! I really need to do that pattern again.

    Cannabis shops are ten a penny in our city - only three are actually licensed and legal, but the illegal ones pop up (and get busted) all the time. The other month, I even got a flyer to my door for cannabis delivery (which is absolutely illegal - only Canada Post is allowed to deliver, and only from the government-run website). Times sure have changed.

  2. Love the pictures! The yarn you chose is gorgeous!!! But, that LOBSTER. I don't know whether I could have gone in. LOL Yah .... I would have. 'Cuz ....................LOBSTER!!!!

    Glad you had a good time and glad you are back home. Tyg thinks so too.

  3. I absolutely LOVE that yarn! A great choice for a memento of that trip. It sounded great--I have a good friend whose family has a place at Squam and it is indeed a wonderful place.

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  5. Other than the cold, your vacation adventures sound wonderful. I'm glad you had safe travel and a good time. Welcome home.

  6. What a great trip! The only time I've been camping in that area I was bundled up the whole time...and it was in JULY! I had to wear the same clothes for 10 days since I only packed one set of warm things.

  7. I loved hearing about your vacation. It's sounds as though, with the exception of the cold that it was a wonderful time. That yarn is perfect for remembering an autumn vacation. I've never been to any of the places you mentioned but have heard of most of them. How fun to visit. I'm sure Tyg is very happy you and Fletcher are home. Although vacations are fun, it's always good to be home. It's always catch up time at both home and work too. Dennis said he had to "pay the piper" for being gone and that was with him answering phone calls and emails the entire trip away. :-)
    It's good to have you back!

  8. The new yarn you purchased is beautiful! Glad you had a nice trip and Colin was there to save the frog!

  9. It sounds and looks like a great getaway.. it's sweet that Tyg was so happy to have you home. I had some great lobster on Nantucket Island.. you're lucky to get to have meals there on your trip. Welcome home! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  10. It sounds like you had an amazing vacation! And, yay for finished socks!

  11. Glad you're back, and from the sound of it (literally!), so is Tyg. You certainly got a dose of fall up there. Love the photo of your husband all bundled up.

    Your finished socks are lovely. You can certainly use them with the weather now.

  12. Welcome home! Such a nice recap; beautiful souvenir yarn-love the colors!

  13. great recap....except I want THAT yarn~

  14. welcome home, you were missed! looks like you had a great time and yes to all the yarn buying :)

  15. What a lovely vacation! Maine, NH and VT are three (of only five) states I've never visited - so I especially love the photos and reading about what you did. Excellent yarn purchase and how cool to have a finished pair of socks as a souvenir of the trip, too! (hope this next week is a little calmer at work ... and then it'll be time for another trip!)

  16. Your trip sounds wonderful, so beautiful everywhere you look.

  17. We always pass by that place with the inflated lobster! Never have eaten there yet. Was it good? Nice to hear about your vacation -- you really did travel! Glad you got some souvenir yarn too! Love your socks. I've been knitting socks recently too! On my second sock of the second pair! Yay me! Hope work doesn't drive you crazy with so much busy-ness!

  18. That sounds like a lovely vacation!! The inflated lobster is... amazing! Your socks are just lovely, and I thank you. ;)