Tuesday, October 15, 2019

At Last - Better Late Than Never!

Well Hello All,

I fully intended to write a post yesterday, but after starting the day in a dental chair, by the time I got to work I was swamped....

Yup, the dental work I had done before vacation (repairing a broken tooth) didn't hold (as my dentist thought it might not...) and Friday afternoon part of the work he did plus another piece of tooth came out.  After my visit yesterday morning I now have a temporary crown and the permanent one should arrive in a week or two.  Yikes!  Just another jewel in my mouth - lol.  Luckily there was no real pain with it other than my tongue scraping raw from the rough edge of the tooth.  As long as I didn't move my tongue I was fine - so eating and talking were issues.  A diet plan!

We did have a nice weekend, visiting my oldest brother and his wife in Delaware.  My nephew and great nephew were there and Colin & Mailing drove down as well.  My great nephew just turned 5 and oh boy!  What a ton of energy...and noise...LOL.  I completely forgot to get any pictures.  That was Saturday and we were home in time to do grocery shopping and settle in for the night.

The "Better Late Than Never" title was inspired by this:

Our first Morning Glory blossom this year opened on Sunday, October 13th!  Geeze, we used to get a ton of blooms every year, but lately it has been a struggle.  There are some buds and hopefully more will open before this plant gets killed by frost.

Fletch also picked up several mums a few weeks ago.  One of them is going gang-busters:

Look at how full this is!

On the knitting front, I started knitting a blanket for Colin.  I forgot to snap a picture, but it is not very far along.  He requested a blanket for wrapping up in while watching TV and picked out a very bright "Canary" yellow color.  I ordered the bulky yarn from KnitPicks and it arrived while we were on vacation.  I started it over the weekend and after 16 rows realized that I had completely forgotten the border rows - lol.  So, that was ripped out and now the border is almost finished.  Bulky yarn with size 11 needles is a little tough on my fingers, but I am getting used to it and hope to get this finished before too long.

I also started knitting a pair of socks for my SIL in CO for Christmas.

I forget the brand of yarn - will get that to y'all later.  The pattern is Hermione's Everyday Socks and the yarn is so busy that the pattern doesn't really show, but at least it keeps me from getting bored.  The yarn with all the colors in it reminds me of confetti, so I am calling them Hermione Confetti Socks.

Still nuts at work...and will be through the end of October/beginning of November.  It's this way every year.  So, I need to run, but will get back here when I can.  I'm catching a few blogs now and then, not always able to comment though.  Hope everyone is doing well!


  1. Love the size of the morning glory bloom! Mine are much smaller here!
    The new socks look like fun-love the color. Hope the tooth saga will be concluded soon-no fun!

  2. I'm glad that at least there was no real pain associated with your dental work, and your tooth didn't fall apart further while you were on vacation. Here's hoping that knitting (sock and bulky!) keep you from feeling too overwhelmed from your busy October at work.

  3. Glad all worked out with the dentist. I'm sure your tongue appreciates the nice, smooth surface.

    Can't wait to see the sock (and you) on Saturday.

  4. Oh boy... dental issues are the stuff of nightmares! I am glad it is not painful, but yikes!

    As for your knitting... that sock is going to be gorgeous! That yarn is so yummy!

  5. I'm sure glad that you didn't have any pain with your dental problems. I had some work done last month too that the dentist isn't sure will hold. He did tell me not to eat popcorn! Your mum is gorgeous. I was going to get one just before our storm last week. Now I'm glad I didn't waste my money. It's been so cold, it would never have survived.
    I've never knitted with bulky yarn for just the reason you state. I'm afraid my hands and fingers will hurt. I think you'll be surprised how much interest the Hermione pattern adds to the socks even though the yarn is so busy. I use it all of the time and it really is noticable and the little bit of pattern helps the sock to stay up better than a plain vanilla! :-)
    I hope you have a lovely day Vera and that work isn't too stressful. It's hard enough playing catch up after a vacation without additional stresses.

  6. Your mum looks like mine. They are just loving this weather. Pretty new sock start you have there!

  7. Whoa, the mum is amazing! It's Homecoming week at UW: I wonder if everyone still orders huge mum corsages?

  8. I'm afraid I'm working up to an expensive dental visit myself. I hate spending so much money on something as small as a tooth. When my son was in Japan he had some emergency dental work done and it cost him a whooping $13. If only....

  9. I'm sorry to hear of your dental woes and the chewed up tongue.. ouch! I do hope you show us the bulky knit blanket.. the color sounds right up my alley. I like the color of your socks!
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  10. I love morning glories and I saw one in bloom yesterday around here!!!!

  11. Looks like you had a good trip. Hermione's socks are a good to prevent boredom. The pattern works well with all kinds of yarns. Sorry to hear about your dental woes - I hate dental work. Pretty flowers.

  12. so sorry about your tooth!! My husband and I have had so many dental visits and woes, we are hopefully looking for a better 2020 year of teeth!!

  13. I love the Hermione's sock pattern! It's a good boredom-buster -- and it looks great with "busy" yarn (kind of breaks up any pooling that happens along the way). And . . . you are a dear mom to be knitting a blanket! Lucky Colin! So glad your tooth is "under construction" now. It won't be long and your new crown will make your tooth woes a thing of the past. XO

  14. Morning glories are very late around here, too, if they bloom at all. And that mum! Wow! When I first glanced through the photos in your post, I thought it was a huge wasp nest. LOL.

  15. ugh about your tooth (and mostly ugh about the $ - gah!) ... and yay for the good knitting and the pretty "fall" ;-) blooms ... mums and pansies are loving the chilly snap we're having this week.

  16. Ugh. I'm glad you didn't have dental problems while on vacation! Your mums are amazing (mine were pretty lackluster). I love morning glories.