Tuesday, April 17, 2018

I Am So Ready!!

Good Morning!

As the post title states:  I Am So Ready!!!  That would be ready for vacation.  YAY.  Today is my last day of work this week and I am off all next week as well.  Fingers crossed that weather will cooperate as we are heading out in our camper for a little bit.  Of course, I need to pack for all weather events - cold, heat and everything in between.  That's the one downside of camping in the Spring and Fall, but those are our favorite times to get away.

Before I go, a little knitting update.  There has not been a lot of knitting, but a little bit:

The plain vanilla sock in Cascade Heritage - colorway is Baltimore.  I'm really enjoying this very relaxing knit.  I'll do about 5 more rows or so and then be on the heel flap.  This will be going with me on our camping trip.

Believe it or not, I didn't put that Green Mountain Spinnery yarn into time out.  I cast on a different shawl:

So far the yarn seems to like this pattern and it has been behaving.  The pattern is Winter Sea Shawl - a free pattern on Ravelry.  I probably will not take this with me.  I'm attempting to learn to not take too much knitting.  I like to have choices, but I always take way more than I ever work on.  And with camping, space is somewhat limited.

On the reading front, my Kindle is loaded up and that will be going with me.  Recently downloaded from Overdrive are:  "The Great Alone" by Kristin Hannah and "Bruno Chief of Police:  A Mystery of the French Countryside" by Martin Walker.  I'm not sure where I heard about that last, but it is a series that (wherever I saw it) received high ratings.  The "real" book I am reading at night is "What She Ate" by Laura Shapiro which is pretty good so far. 

I'll be reading your blogs on my phone, but I may not comment - sometimes that's awkward on my phone and I'm not taking a laptop or tablet.  Enjoy the next week and a half and I'll check in when we are back in town.

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Fiber Festival!!

Well hello everyone,

I guess I could have titled this post "Dee Is No Longer a Virgin" - LOL.  Yesterday Dee and I met up in Allentown for the Allentown Fiber Festival - Dee's first festival.  I'm sure you've already read her blog and have seen that she did ok - picking up some lovely yarn and a nice pair of underwear...I mean a beautiful flamingo project bag.  It was a beautiful day for the festival - sunny and, if you can believe it, 82 degrees!!

This festival is very small.  And, it doesn't have the sheep and goats that Maryland Sheep & Wool and other festivals have.  But...the crowds are very manageable and you can see everything!  Plus, there are a few animals.  Rabbits to be specific:

So sweet and so very, very soft.  His/her (not sure which) owner was holding another rabbit in her lap and spinning right from the rabbit!!

It was fun to watch.  We saw a couple of rabbits for sale, but I didn't think Tyg would take kindly to my bringing a rabbit home...or he might, but the rabbit wouldn't last very long.

So here's a look at what I got.  First up stitch markers.  I love buying individual ones - fun and cheap!

Aren't they cute?  I love them all.

This is the yarn I got at the festival:

Both sock weight yarns, of course.  The green is Kettle Steps, Good for Ewe.  It is 40% superwash merino, 40% baby llama and 20% nylon.  The skein on the right is from Youghiogheny Yarns and is their "show color."  Limited quantities are dyed for the festival.  One of the women in the booth was knitting some socks with it and they were gorgeous.  I had to have it!!  It is 75% merino and 25% nylon.

Dee's friend Joyce and her daughter Aubrey also met us and when we were done wandering the festival we all drove over to Emmaus to visit Conversational Threads a most wonderful yarn shop!  We had all received a postcard at the festival for 15% off at the store that weekend only.  So, we had to go, right?  I came away with two items...more sock yarn:

The skein on the left is a new one to me:  Theodora's Pearls by DizzyLettuce and the colorway is Thistle.  It is 80% superwash merino and 20% nylon.  The skein on the right is Trekking which I've been wanting to try (75% superwash and 25% bamboo).

And that's it!  I saw plenty more that I wanted to buy but was trying to be reasonable.

After shopping we stepped across the street for burgers (the BEST burger I've had in a long time) and then Dee and I ended up at a coffee shop across the way (actually a combination coffee shop/bike shop - Kathy I was thinking of Fireman!!).

When I finally decided I really needed to get home, I pulled up Google maps and was directed home via back country roads.  It was a beautiful drive and actually faster than the ride up on the turnpike had been.

Fletch was doing some outside stuff when I got home, so after jumping in the shower, I joined him on the patio for a glass of wine.  We walked out towards our shed and FINALLY there are buds on our redbud tree.  All it takes is a couple of warm days:

Sorry it's a little blurry.

Today, of course, is a different story.  Rain, grey and chilly - about 40 degrees cooler than yesterday!  At least we are not having snow (which some of you are...I'm so sorry).

Time to wrap this up and get ready for bed!  Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Warming Up On Thursday

Good Morning!

It is warming up!!  The temps were in the low 40's this morning instead of hovering around 32...and the sun is out and it should be up to 60 or more today.  Tomorrow and Saturday?  Even warmer - forecasting 80!  Of course, pollen is beginning to settle on everything and "they" are saying this is supposed to be an unusually bad/awful pollen season this Spring.  I don't even care at this point.  I'm just hungering for Spring.

I got a later start than usual this morning due to a doctor's appointment at 8:30.  After having several basil cell carcinomas removed (including one where I ended up losing half my nose!!), I see a dermatologist twice a year for a full body look-over.  Today was a great visit - no suspect spots were discovered.  And she is thorough!!  Looking between my toes, going through my hair (like a monkey almost - lol).  So, happy to not have to go back for another six months (but I also check myself very regularly and if I see anything, I'm on the phone and back in the office pronto).

And this guy was back at the vet's yesterday:

Poor Talbot had to have two more teeth pulled (soon he might need dentures!!).  he came through the surgery just fine and did not have to spend the night this time.

I'm still reading "Flat Broke With Two Goats" (about 80% through it).  I'm enjoying the story mostly (except for the snake parts), but find myself saying constantly "Really?"  "How can you make such a stupid decision?"  Some folks just never learn.

On the knitting front, not much is going on.  I did another 10 rows on the Cascade Heritage sock last night while Fletch read (BTW, we are thoroughly enjoying reading together Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea).  The Lonely Tree Shawl has come to a stand-still.  Once again at the 20 or 22nd row I found a mistake.  I'm at the point where I feel the yarn is telling me it definitely does NOT want to be a Lonely Tree Shawl!  I do have a lifeline in, but hesitate to try again.  The yarn is becoming a bit splitty from the unraveling that has taken place.  It might be time for it to go into time out and wait for another pattern.

It's just about 10:30 a.m. which means only 48 hours till I meet Dee at the Allentown Fiber Festival - I'm only a little excited - lol.