Friday, August 17, 2018

TGIF 8-17-18

Good Morning!

TGIF!!!  Yesterday's events at work were fun - the kids all had a great time.  So much for them to do!!  Spin art for Tee shirts, photo booths, games, movies and, of course, Food!  The office ended up closing at 3, but I bolted around 2:30.  It was a very noisy day and I had a major headache.

Col was over for dinner again last night and grilled delicious burgers.  He also made a wonderful cole slaw adding some of the carnival peppers from the garden.  I was so full from those that I couldn't eat the corn I had picked up on the way home and I still have NOT had a piece of the pie!  Colin had some and took most of it home to share with Mailing.  There is one piece left which I am hoping to split with Fletch tonight.

Fletch is growing sweet potatoes again this year.  In the past, they have tended to be very small - almost like carrots.  But this year?

YAY!!  A nice sized sweet potato (which we may split tonight). 

Work will be busy today.  I have a conference call in 20 minutes and another one at 10.  As usual, I'm hoping to get out of here by Noon or 1 at the latest.  I have a number of things I'd like to get done this afternoon (chore-wise) as tomorrow is a play day with Dee!!

Last, in honor of Friday Felines, here is a shot that Colin capture of Tyg during his yoga practice:

So relaxed!  If only my spine would bend like that - lol.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!!